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 Introducing a collection as unique as you are! Whether you're taking your first steps or have journeyed the mystic path for years, "The Spirit Guide" collection is perfect for all! This digital download collection includes blank templates in a range of different spiritual subjects that are designed to be printed and personalized according to your preferences, making your journey truly your own. 


Inside "The Spirit Guide," you'll discover:


- A moon journal.

- A weekly and daily gratitude tracker.

- A dream journal with prompts.

- A vision board.

-Astrological wheel and chart.

- A manifestation diary with prompts.

- Multiple tarot spread templates with a notes section.

- Charm and spell recipe cards with an incantation log.

-A section dedicated to your favorite quotes and affirmations

-General notes section to use as your personal diary (excellent for automatic writing!)


Each section of "The Spirit Guide" features cover art that resembles a coloring book page. This intentional design element invites you to infuse your own creativity and energy into the guide, making it a reflection of your unique spiritual path.


Embrace your power – start your journey today!


This digital download is meant to be printed and copied as much as the user wishes. 


"The Spirit Guide" Workbook (Digital Download)

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